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When I think of “weekend style” my mind honestly goes blank. Style? on the weekend? Umm…do you mean throw on workout leggings and a t-shirt, scrape your hair into a top knot? No? Huh.

We all fall into easy fashion choices and there is definitely a time and a place for the leggings and t-shirt combo (watching your kids play sport at 8am for instance). But once we step away from the necessary children related activities of the weekend, it would be nice to throw together an outfit that feels comfortable, effortless and stylish.

So I gave a brief to our fashion contributor Delphine - weekend style - what can we wear on the weekend that works for hanging at home, inviting friends over or spending a day playing tourist in our hometown Singapore? It took her mere moments to send me back three gorgeous looks* that had me thinking my weekend style should go up a notch.

It’s all about easy mid length skirts, sandals, a cute handbag and a t-shirt. (Top knot optional).

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Delphine wears t-shirt Zara | skirt Soeurs | belt bag Clare V | bracelet Gas Bijoux | watch Hermes | Sandals Ancient Greek Sandals

To see the 3 looks Delphine styled, head to the Lottie Lifestyle blog.

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