Simple Style Bathroom Makeover

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When you live in rented accommodation there is a limit to what you can do with some of your spaces. Well, for me there is anyway.  I live in an old home and the bathrooms (and kitchen) were probably last updated in the 1980’s.  We have other quirks with living in an old home (that is owned by the Government) like none of our electrical wires are hidden in the walls so we have conduit running up and down the corners of our rooms and across the ceiling to connect powerpoints, lights, fans and any other electrical items.  There is no gas connected to the house so we have a gas cylinder in our kitchen so that we can use the oven.  We also live with snakes (actually our neighbours seem to be living with all the snakes…I’m not sure why they haven’t come to visit us – the snakes that is, not the neighbours!) not to mention frogs (who like to snuggle inside our shoes if left outside – you only have to put your foot inside a sneaker once and feel a squashy slimey frog touch your foot to always check before you put on a shoe!)  But even with all these things, I feel it’s a small price to pay for the wonderful history of such a home.

But on to the bathrooms…they are not modern.  And I’m not going to renovate them.  So this is what I did instead.  I kept it simple and tried to make it look as nice as I could on as small a budget as possible.  I bought a shelving unit from Ikea and replaced the original mirror with this simple one from Ikea, a shower curtain online and then accessorised with some beautiful soap, turkish hand towels and some orchids in a modern pot.  Sometimes all you need is some small touches to give a room a refresh.

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