Pretty Simple Florals

Country style wedding new5.jpg

Over the summer we had a French wedding to go to.  It was all kinds of lovely as weddings usually are – the bride looked beautiful, the groom was handsome, everyone was in a happy friendly mood and the sun shone.  Perfect.  But this wedding had me whipping out my camera and photographing like a woman possessed – because it was quite simply the prettiest wedding I had ever been to.  And what is more, it was all created by the wedding guests – there were no wedding specialists brought in to make the magic happen.

So I am sharing with you here all the beautiful details because they are clever and lovely and with a few tweaks here and there – totally do-able to recreate at home next time you are entertaining and want something simple and pretty.  Think handpicked wild flowers, soft antique linen, mismatched chairs and a string of florals and greenery to hang above the table.

Country style wedding new table.jpg
Country style wedding new2.jpg
Country style wedding 3.jpg
Country style wedding new6.jpg

This year is whizzing by at such a rate and I always feel like once the summer holidays are over time goes into serious turbo charge mode until Christmas.  I sat down to plan the September and October calendar for Lottie is Loving and The Assembly Hall earlier this week and there is barely a day (let alone) a week free (that’s if you don’t include the two weeks of holiday when we plan to return to Australia to see family and friends).  Apart from that ;)


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