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Meet Olivia Thorpe - Owner and Founder of Vanderohe the organic skincare brand that has gained a cult following amongst beauty editors, make up artists and everyday women (and men!) from around the world in three short years.

I first met Olivia at the beginning of the Vanderohe journey in 2017. I was working as a stylist and photographer at the time and Olivia and I met one day in Tiong Bahru over coffee and cakes to discuss her new skincare venture. (I remember this day so clearly because I turned up extremely embarrassed with a completely sunburnt face having accidentally forgotten to apply suncream the day before). I was somewhat mortified to sit there with the lovely dewy-skinned Olivia while she told me all about the importance of taking care of our skin. Umm, yes.

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Olivia’s path to launching Vanderohe has a common thread to other entrepreneur stories. Having graduated from university, Olivia took up a position working in an investment bank in her native London. With a move to Singapore a few years later, Olivia began to re-think her previous corporate life and was interested in exploring a more creative pursuit. She started an online beauty publication - Vanderohe - and began a deep dive into the world of the beauty industry. It was during this time that Olivia developed allergic dermatitis and couldn’t find a product to soothe her symptoms. And so, started the research that would eventually lead to Vanderohe - the brand and range of products that we know today.

It took two years of meticulous research into the chemistry of organic plant oils and seeking out organic producers and tracing the efficacy of the raw ingredients to their native countries, to produce an oil serum that would truly nourish the skin. At her home in Singapore she started to create blends - testing them on herself and passing them on to friends to try. The results were immediate and overwhelming.

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Within the first year of launch, Vanderohe’s No. 1 Nourishing Face Serum secured six leading awards - from British Vogue to Harpers Bazaar Singapore - which lay the foundation for expanding the range in 2018 with four further award-winning products. Vanderohe quickly went from strength to strength receiving emphatic praise from respected influencers, celebrities and the world’s top beauty press - as well as a legion of dedicated everyday users - myself included.

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At the heart of all that Olivia does is a dedication to quality and integrity. Vanderohe uses only organic or wild-harvested plant oils grown in native soils, 100% cotton and forest-friendly packaging, and donates a proportion of profits to Marine Savers, a leading marine conservation team. Olivia now resides in London with her husband and their three young children and is committed to keeping sustainability and trust at the core of her brand.

I am a true advocate of this brand. Yes, you can now buy my favourite picks from the Vanderohe range of products through my online shop, but I have been using these products for years and buying them for family and friends and converting whoever would listen to me since it launched. Nothing has changed, except that now I can share with you my love for these products through Shop Lottie Lifestyle.

If you have any questions regarding these products, drop me a line. I’d be happy to answer your questions.

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Vanderohe No. 1 Exfoliating Powder

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